Launch website for world-leading hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Cryomotive are at the cutting edge of Hydrogen fuel cell technology and are about to change the renewable energies market for large modes of transport. We set them on the right path.



The Challenge

Cryomotive are a German-based start-up trying to break into the Hydrogen Fuel Cell market. They needed a launch website to help them secure multi-million Euro investment from both the Public and Private sector for them to help commercialise their proposition

The Solution

We built a launch website to help showcase how Cryomotive’s approach and technology could help transform the hydrogen fuel cell market to enable long-range transport solutions for the likes of Lorries, Trains, Planes, and Drones.

The website needed to incorporate a mix of teaser information for potential investors, whilst also demonstrating some of their capabilities through a combination of bespoke animations.


Bespoke website development

Custom animations


Multi-million investments made following launch

20 hours

Bi-weekly consultation call

20 hours of HubSpot Super Admin Support


4 weeks

Initial conversation to site launch


Bespoke animations

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